2020 CSA is Sold Out!

New shares will be available for the 2021 season starting in October. Enter your email to be notified. For one-time orders of berry flats, peach boxes, and more click on [SHOP] in the menu above.


What is a CSA?

 In Community Supported Agriculture, farmers and community members become partners in food production. Both parties take on the risks and then enjoy the bountiful harvest. Every CSA program is unique to a particular farm, but  it's all about fresh & locally grown food. 

Members purchase a share of future crops to fund the upfront operating costs of land, seeds, water, and equipment. In return, they receive healthy food straight from the fields all season.  

Farmers invest their time, knowledge, and labor into cultivating the crops for the season. They benefit from having a definite market for their food.  

Together they strengthen health, economy, and food security of the community. 

Why join a CSA?

- To eat fresher & healthier foods

- To know where your food comes from

- To try new veggies and varieties

- To learn about the seasons in your area

- To support a local farm and local economy

2020 Season Details


What do I get each week?

Members receive a large grocery bag filled with organic, freshly harvested fruits and veggies. Please review our season guide to the left to see what we are planting and when your favorites will be in season. Remember, yields will be subject to the weather.

Where & When do I pickup?

Pickup will be drive-through style at our Orem farm store : 710 West 2000 South, Orem UT 84058.  Your food will be coming straight from the fields with very minimal human contact. You may choose to come Wednesday evenings from 5:00-8:00pm  - OR  - Saturday mornings  from 10:00am – 1:00pm.

What does it cost?

As you review our prices below, please consider the amount you spend in one year on groceries and eating out at restaurants. The cost of a membership is a small percentage of this budget but makes a lasting impact on your local farms. 


Is everything organic?

With the exception of cherries, corn, and later varieties of peaches, everything you receive will be grown organically by us. This means we do not use any GMO or chemically treated seeds.  We use bone & blood meals, as well as green manures and crop rotation. We do not use chemical herbicides or pesticides.  We do not chemically wash or treat anything after harvest. 

Can I customize my bag?

Before each pickup, you will receive an email showing what will be included in that week's bag. As more variety is available later in the season, there may be weeks where you can choose between two different mixtures. 

What kinds of produce will I get each time?

The early season is usually heavy in greens while the later season is heavy in fruit and storage veggies. An example of one week in July might include 4 beets, 1 lb. cherries, 1 head of lettuce, 5 lbs. of potatoes, 3 zucchini, and 6 ears of corn. Another example from September might include 1 bunch of carrots, 1 large watermelon, 6 onions, 1 lb. of tomatoes, 3 pie pumpkins, and 1 butternut squash.

How many people will it feed?

Each bag is a supplement to normal groceries. You should have fruits and veggies to accompany 3-5 meals per week for a small family.   

Can I buy anything in bulk?

With our connection to other local suppliers, we will have some items like peaches available for purchase in larger quantities. 

What if something I received wasn't good?

Occasionally something less than satisfactory slips through, like a bad watermelon. We are always willing to replace or exchange any unsatisfactory items.  

What if I can't make it to pickup one week?

If there's a conflict in schedule, please consider sharing that week with a friend, relative, or neighbor and having them pickup on your behalf. Any bags that are not picked up will be donated to Tabitha’s Way Local Food Pantry to feed someone in need. 

You are welcome to ask additional questions by emailing us at csa@wilkersonfarm.com