Thank you for joining in the 2019 season!  

We'd love to hear what you enjoyed most and what you think we can do better.


 September 13, 2019 - 

November 2, 2019

10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Monday through Saturday

Closed Sunday

Occasionally, we have to close due to bad fall weather & muddy conditions. If it has recently rained, check our social media pages or give us a call to see if we're still open.


 710 West 2000 South, 

Orem UT 


Go west on University Parkway to Geneva Road. Turn left/south for about 1 mile and turn left/east onto 2000 N Provo. 

- OR -

From Orem Walmart, go south on Sandhill Road. At the 2000 S Orem roundabout go right/west & go under the freeway, past both railroad tracks. 


There is no entry fee to browse our pumpkin patch, farm store, and food truck/vendor area.  

Fall Fair General Admission

includes all activities & rides inside the main fairgrounds gate, 

pumpkins sold separately

$9.50 per person  (ages 5 -75)

Ages 0-4  are free! 


What is included in the admission price?

When you buy admission, you get a one-day wristband with access to all Fall Fair activities inside the main gate : 

5 acre Corn Maze, Milly's Mini Maze, Farmyard Animal Range, Shotgun Slides, Windmill Swing ride, Fruit Salad teacup ride, Potato Slingshot, & Grandpa's Tractor Hayride. 

*Admission does not include any pumpkins or concessions. 

If I buy admission, can I leave the main gate and come back in?

Yes! We stamp your wristband with the date and as long as you keep it on, you can come and go through the main gate during that whole day. 

Do I have to pay admission to look around at pumpkins?

Our famous pumpkin pyramid is outside the main fairground gate so you do not have to pay an admission fee  to look at or shop for pumpkins. All the colors, varieties, and sizes will be accessible around the farm store.

What if I'm just watching my kids play, do I still pay admission?

We charge admission for every person age 5 to 75 who goes inside the main gate. You may choose to wait outside the gate, however, we cannot guarantee the safety of unaccompanied children. 

Our price is an all-or-nothing package. We hope that when you do enter, you will participate and enjoy as much as you can with your kids. We work hard to make sure many of the attractions are actually enjoyable for adults too!

What happens if it starts raining or certain rides break down during our visit?

Weather can be frustrating. Occasionally, we experience dust storms, pouring rain, or heavy winds on the farm. If bad weather comes and doesn't subside within one hour, we will give you a rain-check pass to come back again another day free of charge. 

If any ride breaks down during your visit, we ask that you enjoy the other attractions as much as possible. We will usually offer a discount on admission for the day if a major ride is not working.

What do you have that teenagers would enjoy?

We work hard to have something for everyone. The Shotgun Slides are faster than they look and very enjoyable for teens. The Windmill Swing Ride is also thrilling for all ages. Teenagers love the Potato Slingshot and usually make each other dizzy on the Fruit Salad teacup ride. They can take a scenic Tractor Hayride when they need a break.  But the biggest draw for teens is the 5-acre Corn Maze! It takes most people 40 minutes to complete.