Our Fall Fair opens each year in mid-September and is open until Halloween Day.


Featured Attractions

Admission includes all activities, pumpkins & food sold separately​​


Tractor Hayrides

5 Acre Corn Maze

Shotgun Slides

Apple Shooters

Pumpkin Pyramid

Mini Hay Maze

Pedal Tractor Racing

this year

this year

this year

Food Trucks

Swing Ride

Spinning Tubs


We love to share the farm with kids!

We welcome all grade levels, preschools, & homeschool groups. Our pricing guide on the right helps to keep costs low since most groups won't be doing every single activity. You can build your own trip by picking which attractions you'd like to do.

Our "Custom Education Stations" are a way for teachers to add in things that tie in with curriculum. For example, we have a lot of antique farm equipment right around our farm store. We can take a 15 minute tour and explain what each things does. 

Another example, weather & availability permitting, is to have a small pick-your-own experience. The crops we have for this would be cucumbers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, beets, and squash.

Another possibility is a taste test station where they can try different fruits & veggies and guess what they are (availability permitting). 

Another station could be seed matching where the kids match the seed with a picture of what they think it grows into.

All of these education stations can be custom built but do require extra staff and extra time. The extra $1.00 per kid covers up to 2 stations.

Because adults & chaperones are free, we charge ages 3 and older

Vendors & Food Trucks ​​​​
Apply Here:  https://goo.gl/forms/jT6VkMYbrSJyCdex1

Pumpkin Painting Contest - $100 Prize!​​
Rules Here:  https://goo.gl/forms/YbG5mPyjQATHjuW33