You can now use our SHOP page to order your produce! 

Just make sure to select PAY WITH EBT at checkout. 

Because you need to enter a pin number to use food stamps, you will not be charged online. You will need to bring your EBT card and pay in-person when you come to pickup. 

Also, please read below to learn about the discount you will automatically receive! 



 Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) is a matching program that gives food stamp customers free fruits and vegetables when you spend their SNAP Card dollars at participating Utah farmers markets. It's a win-win-win : helping (1) local farmers, (2) local families, and (3) local communities. 
For every dollar you spend, you are given a free dollar to purchase fruits and vegetables! 

  • we can only match up to $20 per day (the program limit in 2018 was only $10 per day) 
  • you must purchase fruits and vegetables with free dollars (bread, eggs, meat, etc. can be purchased with EBT dollars but not DUFB dollars)
  • your DUFB dollars cannot be split & change cannot be given (for example, if something normally costs $3.50, you would use 4 DUFB dollars) 
  • you must purchase items grown in Utah 
  • EBT & DUFB purchases are tax-exempt
  • we can accept out of state EBT cards

See All the Participating Locations in Utah