Farm Store will reopen in June 2019
Current Openings:
There are no openings at this time. 
To Apply: 
Please send your (1) resume that includes an email & phone number, (2) which position title you are applying for, and (3) a short paragraph describing why you are interested in the position to : 
[email protected]
​​Farm Store
These people are the connection between the farm and the public. They welcome customers, talk with them about food, and help the find the ripest and freshest produce to take home. 
​​ ​​ Farmers Market
These team members harvest, wash, bunch, organize, and display all the produce at the farmers markets every weekend. We have a Provo market crew and a Salt Lake market crew. 
This team works hard in the fields all through the hot summer to plant, weed, water, and harvest each and every crop. 
​​ ​​Fall Fair
These attendants help make the Fall Fair a success each year. They deal with all the thousands of people that come to the farm in the Fall for all the fun. They operate all the rides, move pumpkins, and keep the public safe.