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Pumpkin Patch

Wilkerson Farm grows 20 different varieties of pumpkins, squashes, and gourds to give you the best variety for fall. You can expect to shop the full selection around the 20th of September. In-person shopping only, inventory is restocked daily, while supplies last.

This is a FREE ENTRY area! No admission charge.


Let's Get Festive!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your pumpkins per pound?

We do not have a per-pound rate. Instead, we charge a flat-rate price based on the variety, regardless of differences in size. That means you can choose the biggest or the smallest Cannon Ball and still pay the same price.

Can I take pictures? Can I do a photoshoot?

Yes, all private-use pictures are more than welcome. We have several photo ops setup for you. Please consider tagging our social media accounts or location!

If you are a photographer getting paid or hired to take pictures of clients/families/products, we ask that you please get permission first and pay a "Commercial Photography" fee of $20 per hour. Moving and rearranging our displays is not allowed. Clothing racks, large props, or other things that blocks the general public are not allowed.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are allowed in pumpkin patch & food court areas. They must remain on a leash or be heldĀ at all times. The pet owner is repsonsible for proper hygiene/clean-up and will be held liable for any injuries or damage caused by the pet.

Can I buy in bulk for a group or event?

Yes, we do have bulk discounts on select orange varieties when purchasing 25 or more pumpkins. Please CLICK HERE to learn more.

If you are looking include other varieties for an event, please contact us at info@wilkersonfarm.com.

What pumpkins are good for eating?

Technically, all of them (except the gourds) are edible squashes. However, the denser and fleshier varieties are most preferred. The best for baking pies is Cannon Ball. The most commonly used for both sweet and savory dishes is Jarrahdale and Cinderella. The Frenchie variety is great too but needs to fully mature and turn brown before cooking.

  • Swan Gourd

    $6.00 EACH

  • P-Knuckle

    $7.00 EACH

  • Orangita

    $3.00 EACH

    Pairs with Casperita & Midnight

  • Mini Orange

    $2.00 EACH

  • Cannon Ball

    $4.00 EACH

    Works well for baking & painting

  • Classic Carving

    $8.00 EACH

  • Gourds

    $2.00 EACH

  • Casperita

    $3.00 EACH

    Pairs with Orangita & Midnight

  • Midnight

    $3.00 EACH

    Pairs with Casperita & Orangita

  • White Stripes

    $4.00 EACH

  • Yellow Stripes

    $4.00 EACH

  • Sunlight

    $4.00 EACH

  • Moonshine

    $5.00 EACH

  • Cinderella

    $10.00 EACH

    Due to drought and disease conditions, very limited supply

  • Frenchie

    $9.00 EACH

  • Warty Goblin

    $7.00 EACH

  • Porcelain Doll

    $9.00 EACH

    Due to drought and disease conditions, limited supply

  • Jarrahdale

    $9.00 EACH

    Due to drought and disease conditions, limited supply

  • Straw Bales

    $10.00 EACH

    2 String bales

    roughly 18" x 36" x 14"

  • Corn Stalks

    $10.00 PER BUNDLE