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Field Trips

To qualify as a field trip, groups need to have at least 10 children with designated teaching staff and/or parent chaperones. The field trip is limited to 2 hours and MUST BE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE. Available time slots are 9:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday through Friday.


GRADES 1-6 & HOMESCHOOL | $5.00 per person


Ride Restrictions

All rides and attractions are included with the discounted rate as long as all minimum safety requirements are followed.

SAFE FOR ALL AGES : Grandpa's Tractor Hayride || County Fair Carousel || 4 Acre Corn Maze || Kiddie Corral play area || Fruit Salad teacup ride || Shotgun Slides || Star Gazer Ferris Wheel || Little Barnyard Animal Enclosure || Rusty Roundup equipment museum

HAS MINIMUM SAFETY REQUIREMENTS : Wilkerson's Windmill Swing || Pirate's Revenge Boat ride || Ballistic Swing || Wacky Wave Drop Ride || Tick Tock Rock Swing || Dust Devil Spinner

Pumpkin Discounts

All field trips can purchase the following varieties at 50% OFF! Please ask admission booth for your coupon when you check in with your field trip.

  • Cannon Ball

    $2.00 EACH (50% OFF $4.00)

  • Mini Orange

    $1.00 EACH (50% OFF $2.00)

  • Gourds

    $1.00 EACH (50% OFF $2.00)