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Field Trips

To qualify as a field trip, groups need to have at least 10 children (between ages 2-16) with designated teaching staff and/or parent chaperones. The visit is limited to 2 hours and MUST BE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE. Groups should check in together at the scheduled time. Available time slots are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.

PRESCHOOL & KINDERGARTEN & SPECIAL NEEDS groups are FREE! This includes any parent chaperones that arrive with the scheduled group.

HOMESCHOOL & GRADES 1-12 are $5.00 per person. This rate applies to the grade school children and parents chaperones. Paid teaching staff and any siblings ages 0-4 are free.

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Permission Slips & Waivers

Schools are encouraged to collect permission slips from parents when children are attending under the supervision of teachers. Generic school district permission slips are acceptable. We also have one specifically for a visit to Wilkerson Farm outlining the inherent risks & guest rules :


Ride Safety Restrictions

All attractions are included as long as all minimum safety requirements are met.

SAFE FOR ALL AGES : Grandpa's Tractor Hayride || County Fair Carousel || 4 Acre Corn Maze || Kiddie Corral play area || Fruit Salad teacup ride || Shotgun Slides || Star Gazer Ferris Wheel || Little Barnyard Animal Enclosure || Rusty Roundup equipment museum

HAS HEIGHT/AGE REQUIREMENTS : Wilkerson's Windmill Swing || Pirate's Revenge Boat ride || Ballistic Swing || Wacky Wave Drop Ride || Tick Tock Rock Swing || Dust Devil Spinner